Wool care


The word can be quite intimidating and overwhelming when it comes to cloth diapering.

All the extra care, extra steps, special washing instructions, special soap, it’s a lot to take in, but I am here to tell you that wool diapers have evolved, it does require some special care but it’s all actually pretty simple.

It used to be known that wool can only be handwashed.


Interlock wool can be washed in a washing machine!!!

Absolutely, you can wash your Nickie’s Knickers woolies on a gentle/delicate/wool cycle with cold water and a low spin using a wool safe soap.

Hand washing is incredibly easy as well.

Fill a bowl with water, add some soap, soak your woolies for 15 minutes, give a few squeezes, rinse, roll in a towel, lay flat to dry, done.

Simple as that.

Now on to lanolizing…
(dun, dun, dun)

in order to enhance your wools water repelling abilities and use it as a diaper cover, it will need to be lanolized!

There are a few different options for lanolizing methods.

There’s a dry lanolizing method, a lanolin soak, and most recently we’ve seen the 5 minute lanolizing video from the owner of Bumby Wool.

This 5 minute method was a complete game changer for lanolizing, simplifying this process as much as possible!

Step 1: Heat approximately 1/3 cup water (microwave for 1 minute or bring to boil on the stove)
Step 2: Add lanolin to hot water (1/2tsp-1tsp per cover).
Step 3: Add emulsifying cube & stir quickly until lanolin mixture turns milky white. (If you see any lanolin still floating you need more emulsifier)
Step 4: Pour lanolin mixture in bowl or shallow dish. Add a little bit of cooler water to mixture.
Step 5: Turn woolies inside out & dip into the mixture wetzone 1st. Continue dipping the woolies into the lanolin mixture squeezing & smooshing the wool, while making sure to cover the entire woolie with the lanolin mixture. (There should be no mixture left in the bowl. It should all be evenly distributed throughout the woolie).
Step 6: Rinse the soap out of the wool.
-If you rinse by hand, roll in a towel, squeeze excess water & lay flat to dry.
-You could also throw them in the washing machine for a rinse & spin only with cold water & low spin.

The dry lanolizing method is pretty simple too with only 4 steps and I’ve come to learn this method is fantastic when traveling with wool!

Step 1: Turn wool inside out, exposing the wet zone.
Step 2: You’re going to use equal parts lanolin & soap.
Step 3: Put lanolin into the palm of your hand; about the size of 2 peas. Add baby soap. Mix the lanolin & soap with your finger in the palm of your hand until there are no lumps of lanolin & it looks a creamy white, similar to lotion.
Step 4: Rub hands together. Dab/rub lanolin mixture all over the wet zone. Continue to rub lanolin in to the wool until it is all in the wool & no longer on your hands.
-If you want to lanolize the entire inside, not just the wet zone you may need to use more lanolin & soap or you could do this amount two times.


So you see, the required wool care isn’t what it used to be.

It’s easy!

And just in case you’re not convinced yet, check out and subscribe to Nickie’s Knickers YouTube channel for a quick video demonstration of how to wash and lanolize! ;)