Natural Baby Loop Bamboo Cotton Snap on Ai2 Insert

Natural Baby Loop Bamboo Cotton Snap on Ai2 Insert

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These snap in pedal soakers offer the perfect combination of absorption and ease of use! Each NK fitted diaper and Ai2 style diaper come with a set of snap in inserts, with extra sets diaper changes can be even more quick and easy. When the Ai2 is wet simple remove the wet insert, wipe down inside the Ai2, snap in the clean insert and violà! Clean diaper ready to go back on baby!

This pedal soaker with a small snap in insert is made with NKs custom baby loop bamboo cotton French terry, with a 500 gsm core, which is the perfect blend for flooders, works amazing for heavy wetters and combats wetness sensitivity with a slight stay dry feel! 

Available in the 3 Ai2 sizes: Newborn, OS & Toddler 

62% Bamboo 25% Organic Cotton 13% Polyester 

45% Hemp 55% Bamboo core 

500 GSM