Are the dyes safe for my baby?

   I wanted to write this to help explain how these dyes work and why I use them instead of other dyes on the market. I use Fiber Reactive Dyes from Dharma Trading Company, they have been around since 1969 selling dyes and is a trusted company for over 50 years .
Fiber Reactive dyes are the only dye available to home dyers that is safe for use with baby clothes and layette items. The reason it is safe is because it bonds with the fabrics on a molecular level. What that means is that once the items dyed with the Fiber Reactive dyes have been completely rinsed of the excess dye there is no way the babies can break the bond of the dye to the fiber. Chewing won't loosen them, urine isn't going to loosen them, poo isn't going to loosen them. Not only does this mean the babies are safe from these dyes, it also means the fabrics can be wash in hot water without compromising the brilliant colors.
Bleach will knock these colors back,and extended exposure to the sun are going to fade these dyes. But unless you use a chemical dye remover these colors are here to stay and enjoy for a long time. Hopefully this helps ease some of the worry about buying and using hand dyed products.