Natural Bamboo Hemp Fitted
Natural Bamboo Hemp Fitted

Natural Bamboo Hemp Fitted

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Hemp Daytime Fitteds

These fitteds are the same pattern and design as the original fitteds, but without the fleece core. The shell is made up of 2 layers of our exclusive, custom milled 320gsm bamboo/hemp blend fabric and is sold with a trifold made up of two layers of that same fabric.
These are a great alternative to the “contour” style diaper, as these make for an easy and effortless leg seal! They do need a cover on top and provide such a trim fit that they can be worn under almost any style of cover but pair wonderfully with our one size trim fit PUL covers!
These are sold in sizes small, medium, and large. The stretch of this fabric allows for a very broad fit range!

Moderate Wetter Nighttime Fitteds

These are made from the same pattern as the daytime fitteds but has an extra 500gsm Bamboo Hemp fleece core added. These are great for the light to moderate night time wetter or if you are needed a little extra for daytime and still want a trim diaper. They will also have a pedal soaker with a booster with the same layers as the fitted.  

Small 8-25lbs
Medium 10-45lbs
Large 20-70+lbs
Fit range will also depend on each individual child’s build and body.


ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER! Please allow 7-10 Business Days for your order to ship!!