Unicorn Beyond Soft
Unicorn Beyond Soft
Unicorn Beyond Soft
Unicorn Beyond Soft
Unicorn Beyond Soft

Unicorn Beyond Soft

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Beyond Soft is a un-scented Fiber Conditioning Rinse.

  • It enhances softness on delicates, knit wear and synthetics and safe on cloth diapers

  • It DOESN’T inhibit absorbance on cloth diapers

  • It softens, illuminates, and makes natural fibers anti-static

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Non-yellowing.

  • Reduces the "itch factor" in wools.

  • Earth friendly, biodegradable.

  • High efficiency washer compatible.

    • UNICORN removes Lanolin, grease & stains better than our competitors.

    • UNICORN is efficient & effective in all water temperatures.

    • UNICORN is earth friendly & biodegradable.

    • UNICORN is not tested on animals & is made in the USA.

    • UNICORN is gentle & FREE from dyes, phosphates, fillers, or irritants.

    Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions. Test for colorfastness before washing. As with all fabric softeners, DO NOT USE ON FLAME-RESISTANT CLOTHES.

    ingredients: Nonionic Surfactant – Cationic Quaternary which is an anti-static conditioning agent, Glacial Acetic Acid (a vinegar like solution) that helps lock in colors, aqua and .0004% essential oil (fragrance free).

    Made in USA.